Update 1st August 2015.

Tim Bartley in the upper Dee today mastering the nymph, reach casts and ended up with 4 Brown trout and 3 Grayling in an afternoon session.

Update 4th July 2015.

John and Neil have waited patiently for their few days break in the Upper Dee Valley and their first attempt at river fly fishing. They both put in a great performance today in a horrible wind at times with a total of 14 fish between them, a mixture of Brown Trout and Grayling, with the 'Rat' and the 'GH Sunfly'. Well done!

Update 27th June 2015.

Ian Knight in the Upper Dee today managed 4 fish and missed a few more, well done Ian a great enhancing day on the methods.

Update 9th June 2105.

Pete Shaw in the Upper Dee today nailed them on a 'GH Sunfly' and some on the 'Rat', some great fishing there Pete, well done you.

Hi Gwilym, I just wanted to say thank you for a marvellous day on the River Dee. Although it was only a days instruction I can honestly say that I learnt more in that time than I have ever done from reading Fly fishing magazines or books ! It was great the way you simplified the instructions and methods to use and I will definitely be booking another lesson with you shortly.
Many thanks Peter Shaw.

Its was great to be out with you Peter, many thanks !

Update 22nd May 2015.

Annan Fishing trips 2015, please follow the link below.

Annan Trips 2015

Update 21st April 2015.

Please follow the link below.

Welsh Dee Brown Trout

16th April 2015

Spent a couple of days on the Annan with Iwan Lewis, whilst fishable, it delivered poor conditions with a bitter cold easterly wind on the first day, the same wind on the second day but with sunny conditions. A few March Browns and Olives were hatching, but not enought to generate much interest in the trout.
We did manage a few fish to Nymphs and one on a Dry Fly between us. A cracking 55cm Grayling was Iwans best fish, the fattest I have ever seen and possibly in excess of 3lb together, with a 1.5lb Grayling and a 1.5lb Brown Trout that came to a dry fly. The big Grayling gently picked out of the net and returned to do its spawning business. A 55cm Brown Trout for myself on a 'Rat'. The area as far as growth in the vegitation is in question, is about two weeks behind us here in North Wales, but, just about ready to switch on and burst into action. Some pics for you, looking forward to my return up north in a few weeks time.

12th April 2015

Tim Brown in the upper Dee today in a gale of wind that developed had a beautiful out of season Grayling to hand for release and also a couple of nice Brown Trout. Great fishing in such awful conditions. One of the Trout.

2nd April 2015

As the River Dee itself is still in flood I decided on a tributary in the upper reaches today, somewhere i had not visited before and it was worth the effort, a nice Brown Trout and a partly devoured out of season Grayling to the 'Rat', bloody Avian predation !

27th March 2015

Dan Stevens set through his paces with a double hander on the Conway today, he mastered the Double Spey and the Snap C in a 2 hour stint, well done Dan.... practice.. practice..practice before the Silver Tourist arrive with you there!

12th March 2015

Barry Evans, John Stephenson and I fished the Upper Welsh Dee today and in a 4 hour session we managed 34 between us, 28 Grayling and 6 Brown Trout.... all the brownies were caught by John, there were a few flashes for the sight indicator fly during the day also, not long now before the hatches will appear.

8th March 2015

Two groups of Anglers preparing for their yearly River Annan Trip got together in the Upper Welsh Dee today. Fishing in rather wet conditions they managed 33 between them, 28 Grayling and 5 Brown Trout. Well done gang, here are some pics.

19th January 2015

Just received this message and pic !

Hi Gwil
Had a short practice session this afternoon with the leader to hand.The flies and indicators you made did the business, landed 2 cracking Grayling.
Many Thanks John.

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Update 29th November 2014.


Update 26th November 2014

Had an hour over lunchtime today, four 8oz Grayling a Salmon hooked and lost and this out of season Brown Trout. Great fishing.

Update 25th November 2014

There you go !

Update24th November 2014

First proper frost of the 2014 Winter this morning, this should see the water temperature plunge and the Garyling should be dropping off the runs into bigger shoals in deeper water.Will have a go personally in the next couple of days.... and report...!

Update 20th November 2014

John took four Grayling in quick succession today on the leader to hand method whilst i looked on, great fishing as the river fines off.

Update 27th October 2014

Yesterday's outing on the Winter Grayling Page.

Update 23rd October 2014

New Page on 'Catch and Release' method, please follow the link below.

Catch and Release

Update 21st October 2014

Last night's storm has filled the River Dee this morning.

Update 16th October 2014

Playing with the new Computer today editing pics etc... new programmes and trying to get used to them, found this one of a Grayling trying to throw the hook.

Update 7th October 2014

Evan Jones today on the Upper Welsh Dee, please check out the Welsh Dee page, quality fish.

Update 6th October 2014

River Dee slightly up (Freshened) by the rain last night.... nowhere near the flood that it requires !!

Update 30th September 2014

Spent the day afloat on Lake Vyrnwy today in very calm conditions with just a small breeze on now and again... which I was chasing round. Managed 3, 1 Rainbow and 2 Brownies on a size 24 Olive Shutlecock.... yes they were very fussy, but a great day. Rainbow hooked in the eye... it inspected it that close... so one for the pan ! fully tailed and cut nice and pink.

Update27th September 2014

Conrad Webb had a day out with me on Lake Vyrnwy yesterday and had 3 Brown Trout and 1 Rainbow on a dry ' Daddy'. Pics on Lake Vyrnwy page.

Update 13th September 2014

Jon Kerr ended up his week on the Welsh Dee with quite an average, 70 in total including a 1lb 8oz Seatrout, fantastic fishing, well done JK!

Update10th September 2014

John Kerr ended up with 15 fish yesterday 9th September, and 20 today ! great fishing by Jon under a very harsh sun.

Wild Brown Trout and Wild Mint Flowers

In action with the GH Sunfly.

Last fish today 'Airborne' a 2lb Grayling.

Update 8th September 2014

Jon Kerr started his fishing break on the Upper Dee in style today bringing 14 fish to hand on a dry 'GH Sunfly'. Some pics.

Update 1st September 2014

Paul and Joseph fished in the Upper Dee today, the Grayling were on the dries for most of the day, the
'GH Sunfly' doing the damage. They ended up with 19 between them, 15 Grayling and 4 Brown Trout. Well done to both of you. Some pics.

Update 26th August 2014

Check out the Llyn Brenig Reservoir page.

Update 19th August 2014

Paul Evans came for Intsruction in how the 'rod works' today and stuck to the task well in very windy conditions on the Mountain Lake. He did manage one Brown Trout on a Dry fly but it was awfully dour there. A change of plan led us to the Upper Dee where the conditions were much fairer to us. Paul managed his first 'Grayling' on a Dry Fly, well done !, keep practicing the 'Casting Skills'.

Update 15th August 2014

Check out the Summer Grayling Page.

Update 8th August 2014

'Gold Medal Winner', William Angell James' outing on the River Dee.
Please see the
'Summer Grayling' page.

Update 7th August 2014

'Burwarton Show' was very busy with warm and kind weather to help us along. 'Casting Demonstrations were well received and great fun was had in the two acuracy casting competitions with a number of successes along the way, each successful patricipant receiving a 'Greys' Cap.
Great interest shown in the Fly tying also.

Update 6th August 2014

Andy Pulford came back yesterday for another session on the Upper Welsh Dee. His previous session was in late January 2013 when the river during the day turned to 'grue' with ice forming in the rod rings. Whilst we managed three Grayling that day it was very difficult fishing, full report on yesterdays outing on the 'Summer Grayling Page'.

Update 31st July 2014

Roger Johnson had a day yesterday in the upper Welsh Dee and managed 20 fish Grayling and Trout on Dries, Leader to Hand method, and, Nymph infront of the dry. Full report on the

Welsh Dee Page

Update 25th July 2014

Dry and HOT weather is not a good combination for great fishing conditions, but we have to make do with what is thrown at us.

Update 28th June 2014

Check out Arthur Llywelyn's visit in the Upper Dee in the Summer Grayling page.

Update 20th June 2014

On the 21st and 22nd June 'The North Wales Country Show' is on at the Rhiwlas Estate in Bala. I shall be demonstrating 'Casting' at 12 noon and 3pm on the River Treweryn. Come and say hello !!

Just returned home from Scotland, my third visit to the River Annan this year. This was a holiday with a day's fishing thrown in on Wednesday and what a day it was, please follow the link below for a report and some pics.

Annan 3 for 2014

Update 12th May 2014

River Dee in full flood.... should be some 'Silver Tourist' about after this.!!

Update 5th May 2014

6 nice Brownies in as traditional a manner as possible

Please follow the link below.

Welsh Mountain Lakes

Update 2nd May 2014

John the man at home on the Tannat today !!!!

Annan Trip 2 2014

Please follow the link below.

Annan Trip 2

Update 16th April 2014

Paul and Joseph Taylor had a day in the Upper Dee. Both had been for a few lessons on the Chirk Training Day and wanted to enhance their abilities to include river fishing, totally different to the stillwater they had been used to.They scored with the New Zeland method and Dries with greatly executed reach casts they accounted for 20 fish between them for the day. An exceptional day considering it was their first on the river. Well done to both, great fishing ..... I am very impressed..

Please follow the link below for some pictures.

Paul and Joseph Taylor

Update15th April 2014

Mark Baring and his son Patrick two day break in the Upper Welsh Dee

Please follow the link below for the report.

Mark and Patrick Baring

Update 12th April 2014

What a contrast to yesterday!! a very cold downstream wind hampered the fishing today, but, Tim still managed 6 out of season Grayling and 2 Brown Trout on the 'GH Rat' in the main, but at around 3pm there was a slight respite which lasted only a few minutes but allowed some 'Dry' fly action Tim managed a Grayling on a 'GH Sunfly', well done Tim a hard day but you fished well.

Update 11th April 2014

With the temperature rising, calmer weather, the trees bursting into leaf, SPRING has arrived in the Upper Welsh Dee. Grannom are hatching and this weekend should see quite some activity on the River.

Update 10th April 2104

Annan Trip 1 2014